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Plan for batteries at the mouth of the Saramacca rivers


Plan for batteries at the mouth of the Saramacca rivers

Dircks, Abraham

Title Leupe: Plan van Batteryen aan de Rivieren Sarameca en Coppename op te werpen.

This design depicts simple batteries which could be erected at little cost on either side of the banks of the Saramacca. P.A. Leupe states that it was made by Abraham Dircks, Director-General of fortifications and buildings between 1766 and 1772.

As early as the 1760s, the defence of the estuary of the Saramacca River against a foreign foe was considered, as an expeditionary force might infiltrate the colony in small boats via this ‘back door’. The first stronghold on the Saramacca was actually only built after 1790, when the assignment of plantations was begun there.

Detailed on the cannons' range are provided through straight lines and drawn from the fortifications.

North is not indicated.

Profile along the line HG.

Scale-bars of 50 Roeden Rhijnlands = [approximately 1 : 1,340] / [profile] 10 Roeden Rhynlands = [approximately 1 : 215].

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