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Plan for two batteries near the mouth of the Saramacca river


Plan for two batteries near the mouth of the Saramacca river

Wollant, Johann Friedrich Ferdinand

Title Leupe: Plans van de verdedigingswerken aan de Rio Saramacca.

This map is part of a series of three project plans dating from c. 1783 for batteries or redoubts on the Saramacca, in this case on and opposite the mouth of the planned canal from Paramaribo along the northern route of the line.

Between 1780 and 1783, Johann Friedrich Fredinand Wollant not only produced a complete, comprehensive design for Governor Texier’s intended western cordon, he also designed the corresponding new small fortifications. This particular plan shows fort A of the series of three.

This map refer to the recommended fortification of the mouth of the Saramacca, for which in addition to his plan for the western cordon Wollant designed a battery or redoubt on both banks.

Profile through A.B.

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North is not indicated [below].

Scale-bars of 60 Voet = [approximately 1 : 275] / [profile] 30 Voet = [approximately 1 : 190].

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