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Map of new parcels at the Saramacca River


Map of new parcels at the Saramacca River

Böhm, Johann Gottfried Rabanus / Heneman, Johan Christoph van

Title Leupe: Project kaart tot anlegging van Plantagien langs de rivier Saramacca, ieder groot 500 Akkers enz.

This map is a copy by J.C. van Heneman, of a large project map for the assignment of 240 new plantations along the Saramacca River, originally made by the military engineer and surveyor Johann Gottfried Rabanus Böhm, who was involved in cultivating the area along the Saramaccafor years as the executor of assigning land. On his printed map of 1801 (VEL1679A en B), Moseberg copied the plan of the project shown here almost unchanged.

For the original see VEL1687

North is below.

Scale-bar 100 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 263 'strepen'.

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Sources and literature

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