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Map of parcels at the Saramacca River


Map of parcels at the Saramacca River

Bernhardi, Heinrich Ludwig Ditloff

Title Leupe: Kaart van twee stukken land, geleegen aan de rivier Saramacca aan de Linker hand in het opvaren. No. 224 en 226.

This map shows the parcels belonging to J. D Groen along the Saramacca River. As can be read in the annotations, J.A. van Lobreekt requested this survey. The extent of these lots is given in Surinamese acres (1 acre = 0,43 hectares). location. Signed on 31 October 1799 and ratified on 15 April 1800.

The opening up of plantations along this river commenced in 1790, at the instigation of newly appointed Governor Juriaan François de Friderici. It soon became a popular.

Scale-bar of 200 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 245 ‘strepen’.

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