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Map of the second Cordon of Defence


Map of the second Cordon of Defence

Wollant, Johann Friedrich Ferdinand

Titel Leupe: Kaart van situatie van de Colonie Suriname, in zoo verre deselve tans gecultiveert, en aan derselver Oostseyte door 't Cordon van defensie jegens d' aanvallen van de binnenlandsen vyand gedekt is enz.

In 1780 Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Wollant and a number of assistants undertook an extensive survey of the then western border area of the colony, in preparation of a project plan for a second defence cordon to protect existing and future plantations at the Para and Saramacca rivers. Wollant’s final map, which was probably only finished in 1783, besides covering the designated western region, also shows all the other parts of Suriname then under cultivation. Undoubtedly, Wollant had been able to make use of the data on the large map by Johan Christoph Heneman, then just finished in manuscript version, but all the parts west of the plantation area along Para Creek can safely be attributed to himself. The planned cordon is reproduced in the form of three separate patrol roads with the same types of posts as those along the eastern line: one south of Paramaribo between the Para and the Saramacca, as an extension of the Wanica Path, a second west of the Saramacca, and the third from the Saramacca back to the Suriname River near Paramaribo. The plan was never executed.

North is below.

Scale-bars of 800 chains of 66 Rhineland feet = 184 "strepen".

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