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Map of new fortifications at the Saramacca River


Map of new fortifications at the Saramacca River

Anoniem / Anonymous

Titel Leupe: Plan ter dekking van de rivier de Saramacca door een Cordon.

Although in principle the threat of attacks by Marrons in the eastern part of Surinam abated after around 1762, in previous years and during and after the construction of the Defence Cordon, plans were occasionally developed to provide the western side of the colony, in the basins of the Para and the Saramacca Rivers, with better defences as well. This map reveals a number of correspondences with the likewise anonymous general map of the areas between the Surinam and the Coppename which is stored in the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam under K200. On this grounds it can be dated to around 1760, shortly before the peace treaty with the Saramaccans. Apparently the planned project covered the construction of patrol roads with posts along the lines BDEG and CD, joining up with the older Oranje Path and the post Gelderland near Jodensavanne respectively. On the territory closed in on the western bank of the Saramacca, a canal could be dug to open up new land for plantations.

North is below.

Scale-bars of 1000 Rhineland chains/ 2 German miles of 15 to a degree of each 357½ Rhineland chains = [approximately 1 : 116,000].

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