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Comprehensive map of Suriname, sheet 2


Comprehensive map of Suriname, sheet 2

Sypestein, C.A. van / Heneman, Johan Christoph van / Cleef, van

Title Leupe: Kaart van de kolonie Suriname, een gedeelte van Guyana, Nederlandsche Bezitting op het vasteland van Zuid-Amerika

This is the reprint of J.C. Heneman’s comprehensive map of Suriname from 1784. It was printed more than half a century after the orginal and contains updates showing the extension of settlements and plantations. These updates are based on the observations of second lieutenant of the artillery C.A. van Sypestein. This second sheet shows the title of the map as a whole, and the area around the rivers Coppename and Saramacca.

North is up.

Scale-bar 1 : 194.000.

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