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Map of the a plot of land of Jacobus Beeloo


Map of the a plot of land of Jacobus Beeloo

Freuytenier, Jan

Title Leupe: Kaart van een stuk land, gelegen in Perica, by Oost Sapatoni Creecq.

This map shows a plot of land (indicated with the letters A-H); which lays at the Perica, Broulou and Bottel creeks.

The survey was requested by the owner; Sir Jacobus Beeloo.

Earlier transactions of the depicted land are mentioned in the annotations on the left side of the map.

The land turns out to measure 1500 Surinamese acres (645 hectares).

To the south we see part of the Cappoerika plantation, to the north we see Belair and another part of the Cappoerika plantation..

The map was signed by the land surveyor on 25 January 1734 and ratified on 14 August 1736 in Paramaribo.

Scale of 60 Chains of 5 ½ Rhineland rods = 160 ‘strepen’.

Taken from: [OBP Suriname] 1736, [fols.] 1345-1346.

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