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Map of Langenhoop Plantation


Map of Langenhoop Plantation

Freuytenier, Jan

Title Leupe: Kaart van een stuk land, gelegen tusschen de Plantagien Langenhoop en Amsterdam.

This map shows the Langenhoop plantation of Philip van Langen (indicated with the letters A-F), situated to the northeast of the Perica, Heelkavink and Wayamoe creeks -The survey was requested by Philip van Langen himself, mainly to claim ownership over the drained land near the creeks.

The lot turns out to measure 405 Surinamese acres (174,15 hectares), 1,.5 acres less than was agreed upon during the transaction on 31 January 1733. The inscription mentions that Philip van Langen is 'content' with this as long as the mentioned reclaimed areas along the creeks are now officially in his possession.

The Schepmoet plantation lies to the north of the land (to the right on the map), the Wayamoe, Sulenburgh, and Severu plantations to its west (below on the map) and the Meulwijk plantation to its east (above on the map).

The map was signed by the land surveyor on 8 October 1733 and ratified on 30 October 1733 in Paramaribo.

Scale of 100 Rhineland rods = 180 ‘strepen’.

Taken from: [OBP Suriname] 1736, [fols.] 1214-1215.

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