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Map of the Marowijne River


Map of the Marowijne River

Mentelle, Simon

Title Leupe: Carte d' une partie du Maroni, nommé par les Hollandois de Surinam La Marweine etc.

This French map shows the flow of the Marowijne River from the sea to Araova, or Lawa, Creek.

The Marowijne River functions as a border between the French and Dutch colony and is therefore carefully measured.

The map was drawn with a compass while sailing the river, indications of latitude and longitude are given.

Inaccessible banks are indicated through dotted lines and accessible ones with straight lines.

Crosses indicate obstacles.

Creeks and villages are mentioned and various mountains are used as a reference points for the survey.

The original map was drawn and measured by Simon Mentelle in September 1777 in the name of the French king.

The Dutch land surveyor Johan Christoph von Heneman noted at the bottom of the map that he gained permission to copy it, see VEL1990.

Scale of 8 Surinamese Miles = 190 ‘strepen’.

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