Slingerland, fort

The estate Slingerlandt on the east bank east of the river Antjol (Ancol) was named after its owner Joseph Slingerland. In 1679 the VOC bought the estate for the leprosy.. The building became at a tavern, which was leased together with the oyster bank before the coast. A visit to the tavern was a popular day trip of the people of Batavia. The profit from Slingerland was used to finance the leprosy on the island of Purmerend (today Pulau Bidadari).

In the 18th century an earthen coastal battery was built on the peninsula behind the tavern. In 1765 Johannes Rach, himself a major of the artillery, drew the gunnery practice at Slingerland. In 1788 Carl Friederich Reimer made a map of the defences of Batavia, which shows the mouth of Antjol river was protected by two batteries: Slingerland on the right bank and the battery Zeelucht on the left bank. Battery Slingelandt is no longer visible on the map of Pieter Tency (1797). Today the site of battery Slingerlandt is a part of the recreation area Ancol. There are no visible remains left.


Sources and literature

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