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Map of plantations at the Essequibo River


Map of plantations at the Essequibo River

Burght, J. van der

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Westkust Essequebo, strekkende van de gronden behoorende aan den heer J. Kip, tot de punt van de rivier Bouwerone enz .

This map shows the results of a survey of 112 lots to the southwest of the Essequibo River and north of the Bouwerone River.

Most lots have no inscriptions, but some plantations are named as is the land belonging to the Company at the mouth of the Bouwerone River (lot 112) and further up the Essequebo River (lot 11)

The map was made on 14 December 1790.

Scale-bar of 600 Chains = 75 ‘strepen’.

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