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Map of plantations on Leguan Island


Map of plantations on Leguan Island

Saffon, Pierre-Louis de

Title Leupe: Kaart van de Plantagie van den Heer van Doorn op Leguane Eiland enz.

This map shows the results of a survey of six plantations on Leguan Island.

De Saffon measured the plantations of Sir Kack, Ramsi, Botter and the Luther society himself (lot 1-5). In addition he used the earlier survey of van Doorn’s plantation (lot 6).

Originally J.F. Saffon would conduct this survey, but his kin P.L. de Saffon took the task on his shoulders.

The map is signed on 1 July 1767.

This map is part of a collection of cadastral surveys (see VEL1537 t/m VEL1542).

Scale-bar of 100 chains = 62 ‘strepen’.

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