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Map of plantations on Hog Island


Map of plantations on Hog Island

Saffon, Pierre-Louis de

Title Leupe: Kaart van eenige stukken land gelegen op het Varken Eyland.

Just as in Surinam and the other colonies along the Wild Coast, in the eighteenth century the plantation areas on the banks of the Essequibo gradually moved to more accessible parts around the lower reaches of the river, the adjacent coastal regions and the islands of the estuary.

This cadastral maps or certificate of registry of reclamation projects, shows two plantations of the family Botter on the Varkens Island (Hog Island).

Originally J.F. Saffon would conduct this survey, but his kin P.L. de Saffon took the task on his shoulders.

This map is part of a collection of cadastral surveys (see VEL1537 t/m VEL1542).

Scale-bars of 100 chains = 95 ‘strepen’.

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