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Map of the mouth of the Essequibo River


Map of the mouth of the Essequibo River

Heneman, Johan Christoph van

Title Leupe: Kaart van een gedeelte van de Mond en het Inkomen der Rivier Essequebo Westwaarts, alsmede een gedeelte der Zeekust, van daar Noordwaarts zich streckende.

This map displays the mouth of the Essequibo river. In addition to sand, clay and mudbanks, soundings are noted. Navigating the branches of this river was perilous and more of these manuscripts must have been produced throughout the eighteenth century, but only few of them seem to have survived. On land, some creeks and plantations are drawn.

North is right.

Scale-bar of 200 Rhineland Rods = 110 ‘strepen’.

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