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Map of the Canary Islands


Map of the Canary Islands

Keulen, Johannes van

Title Leupe: Nieuwe Paskaart van al de Canarische Eylanden, met alle hunne diepten en drooghte.

This map shows the Canary Islands. Given the patent claimed by the publisher and cartographer van Keulen, the map must have been printed between 1680 and 1695. The rhumb lines and depth rates used on the Mercator projection reveal the map served navigation. Three insert maps are visible. On the top left the northeast edge of the Tenerife island is drawn, next to this de northeast edge of Gran Canaria is visible and at the bottom left the harbours of Ponto de Naas and Porto can be found. Neptune and a woman are shown in banderol and two ships were drawn on the sea.

Scale-bar of 25 German miles = 143 ‘strepen’.

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