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Map of the Azores


Map of the Azores

Keulen, Johannes van

Title Leupe: Nieuwe Pascaert van alle de Vlaemsche Eylanden, met hunne diepten en drooghten, waer in oock te sien is hoe haer de de Kust vertoont uyter Zee, synde noyt voor desen zoo in 't licht geweest.

This map shows the 'Flemish Islands' or as they are better known the Azores. Given the patent claimed by the publisher and cartographer van Keulen, the map must have been printed between 1680 and 1695. The rhumb lines and depth rates used on the Mercator projection reveal the map was meant to be used for navigation. Three insert maps are visible. On the top left the harbour of Fayal is drawn, on the top right the city of Angra and on the bottom right the Punto del Gada on the island São Miguel . Angels and two fighting ships are added for illustrative purposes.

North is up.

Scale-bar of German miles 15 in a degree

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