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Map of Hispaniola


Map of Hispaniola

Cressy, de

Title Leupe: Carte de I'Isle St. Dominique dressee par le Sr. de Cressy, cidevant Commandant pour le Roi de I'Isle de la Tortue et Costes de St. Dominque.

Most likely, this map presents the situation around the treaty of Ryswick when Spain formally recognized the French colony. The map does not provide much more than coastal placenames; the hinterland is merely characterized by two Spanish settlements, a rivers, lakes and mountains. It is not clear how this French manuscript ended up in the Dutch archives. A hypothesis is that the source was accidentally shipped along when part of the Dutch cartographic collection was returned from Paris to the Netherlands after Napoleon fell.

Scale-bar of 20 Lieus = 92 ‘strepen’

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