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Map of the islands between Florida and Hispaniola


Map of the islands between Florida and Hispaniola

Janssonius, Johannes / Gerritsz., Hessel

Title Leupe: Insularum Hispaniolae et Cubae, cum Insulis circum jacentibus accurator delineatio.

This map of Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola appeared in Jansonius' Atlas Novus, but is based on a chart drawn by Hessel Gerritz around 1631. All but five geographical nominators on Florida correspond to Gerritz’ chart. Mountains have been added to the peninsula too, probably for esthetic reasons, as by that time it was generally known that no such mountain range existed there. The title cartouche is also decorative with two native American children, surrounded by tropical fruit, holding up a cowhide, one of Hispaniola's main seventeenth century exports. The scale at the upper right is surrounded by fish, eels and aquatic putti and galleons sail the ocean.

Scale-bar of 70 German miles = 62 ‘strepen’.

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