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Coastline profiles of Madagascar


Coastline profiles of Madagascar

Jolinck, Heyndrick Dircxz.

In late August 1598, several of the ships that made up the Second Expedition (Tweede Schipvaart) to the East Indies, passed the coast of Madagascar. The helmsman Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolinck of the Vriesland drew these coastline profiles as they passed the island. The one on the left page shows the Cape of Saint Mary (Cabo de Sancta Maria), which would be the southernmost point of Madagascar, as well as the nearby ‘Cabo de Disgratia’. They are drawn as seen from a bit less than a mile's distance when located in northwest direction. On the right page, he drew the Cape of San Sebastian, as seen about 5 miles from the observer in northwest by north direction. Jolinck notes that between the two corners there seemed to be a passage and that there was a hill or mountain further to the back. On the bottom right, he drew what they identified the Cape of Monte Roman and the Cape of San Roman; the former as seen when it is about 8 miles northeast to east of the observer; the latter at about 3,5 miles northeast to east of the observer.

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