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Coastline profile of Lifumatola (?)


Coastline profile of Lifumatola (?)

Jolinck, Heyndrick Dircxz.

After spending several months at the island of Ternate, the Utrecht and Amsterdam, part of the Tweede Schipvaart, commenced their return voyage to Bantam. The journey proved complicated. Due to unfamiliarity with the region, prevailing winds and currents and lack of reliable maps it took the ships many weeks in September and October to navigate the waters east of Sulawesi to find their way towards the familiar island of Buton. While struggling to navigate the seas east of Sulawesi, Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolinck, helmsman of the Amsterdam, sighted an island which he guess to be Lifumatola, part of the Sula islands. It is not clear from his descriptions though, which, if any of the Sula islands he identifies with Lifumatola. The drawing shows the island as seen in north-northeast direction at 4 miles distance.

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