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Coastline profile of Karimunjawa and the Thousand Islands


Coastline profile of Karimunjawa and the Thousand Islands

Jolinck, Heyndrick Dircxz.

In November 1599, the Amsterdam and the Utrecht sailed along the Javanese coast. Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolinck, helmsman of the Amsterdam, drew various coastal profiles in his journal along the way.

On the left page a profile of the island of Karimunjawa, the principal island of the namesake island group off Japara. The island is shown here at 6 miles distance in northwest by west direction. Jolinck notes that from that distance no cliffs or smaller islands could be observed yet.

On the right page, the coast of Krawang and a large group of islands today known as the Thousand Islands, off the coast of Jacatra, which in the future would become the location of Batavia and the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. This coastline profile shows two islands known at the time as the Two Brothers. Jolinck drew them as seen when the nearest island is 2 miles south by west of the observer.

At the bottom of the page, an unnamed island located between the western corner of Krawang and the Two Brothers when seen in southeast direction.

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