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Coastline profiles of North Island, New Zealand


Coastline profiles of North Island, New Zealand

Gilsemans, Isaac

After continuing their journal from Cook Strait on 26th December, Abel Tasman’s expedition northwards, tracking the coast of New Zealand’s North Island. On 28th December Tasman observed a high mountain, mount Karioi, which was first thought to be on an island, but they turned out to be part of the mainland. From there they continued close to the shore in the subsequent days. On 31st December several hills were observed, as well as an entrance to what is known today as Kaipara Harbour.-Isaac Gilsemans, supercargo on board the Zeehaen, made these drawings of the observed landscapes in Abel Tasman’s journal. The first, panel shows Karioi and the entrance to Aotea Harbour. According to Gilsemans, this drawing was made at 38 degrees and 30 minutes Southern Latitude, but these actual landscape is located further north. The subsequent panels were drawns at 36 degrees Southern Latitude and depict the hills known as Waima, Parataiko and Tutamoe Ranges and the entrance to Kaipara Harbour.

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