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Coastline profiles of the Wakde islands.


Coastline profiles of the Wakde islands.

Gilsemans, Isaac

From 28th April to 6th May 1643 the Zeehaen and Heemskerck of Abel Tasman’s expedition anchored off the coast of the island of Insu Moar, which together with Insumanai forms the Wakde Islands. They named the place at which they anchored the Joan Maet Zuijcker’s Quay. There they traded items for fresh supplies of bananas and coconuts. Aside from one brief incident, the stay was peaceful and the expedition was able to acquire 6000 coconuts and 100 bunches of bananas.

Isaac Gilsemans, supercargo on board the Zeehaen, is commonly identified of these drawings of the coasts of Insu Moar and Insumanai, which here is called ‘Inzou’. The drawing on the left shows Insu Moar, while the drawing on the right shows the island of Insumanai.

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