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Dress style of the Portuguese at Goa


Dress style of the Portuguese at Goa

Doetecum, Joannes (I) van

The Itinerario, of which this image is a part, describes the city of Goa itself and the habits of the Portuguese living in their Asian colonies, which Jan van Linschoten knew firsthand. The Itinerario contains depictions of Portuguese soldiers, citizens, officials and the dress of the Portuguese girls and women. This image shows both citizens and soldiers on the streets. Behind each of them is a servant protecting them from the sun with an umbrella.

The texts under the image read: “Appearance and clothes of the Portuguese, both citizens and soldiers, in the East Indies when they go on the streets” . The distinctions being made here is between heirarchichal classes in the Portuguese colonies. The citizens (‘casados’) stood above the soldiers (‘soldados’).

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