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Smaller vessels used in Goa and Cochin


Smaller vessels used in Goa and Cochin

Doetecum, Joannes (I) van

In this illustration we see various types of smaller boats, called ‘barges’ here, that were frequently used in Goa and Cochin (Kochi), used for varying purposes. The accompanying text says that the boats were used for fishing, but also mentions that some are used to transport fresh water to sell to ships. At the front we see two types of almadia, the first being rowed, the second being sailed. Behind these are the tone, seemingly used here to transport a company that is enjoying some leisure time as they are accompanied by a musician. All the way at the back is the simple palegua, that is rowed by three men. Further behind is the city of Cochin.

The texts under the image says: “Barges used in Goa and Cochin for fishing, one hollowed out of wood, the other from many bushes, bound together with strings. The first are called Almidias, the others Tones and Paleguas, which are great in numbers, which are loaded with casks filled with fresh water to sell to the ships”

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