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Coastline profiles of Cebobo and "Schoela"


Coastline profiles of Cebobo and "Schoela"

Laerle, Joris Joostensz.

After winning a naval engagement against the Portuguese at Bantam in early January, the Moluccan fleet of the Fifth Expedition continued to their actual destination: the Moluccan islands of Banda and Ternate. In early February they reached the Moluccas. They first sighted Buru and then islands they named Cebobo and Schoela. The latter probably refers to an island of the Sula-islands

This drawing was possibly made by Joris Joostensz. Laerle on in the journal of the Gelderland on 6 February 1602. The text in the first panel says “The island is named Ceboubo” and “Ceboubo”. The Text in the second and third panels say “This island named Schoela”, “northwest by north” and “Schoela”.

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