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Coastline profiles of Tapa, Obilatu and "Caletto"


Coastline profiles of Tapa, Obilatu and "Caletto"

Laerle, Joris Joostensz.

After winning a naval engagement against the Portuguese at Bantam in early January, the Moluccan fleet of the Fifth Expedition continued to their actual destination: the Moluccan islands of Banda and Ternate. In early February they reached the Moluccas. They first sighted Buru, then passed the Sula-islands and islands near Pulau Obi: Tapa, Obilatu and and island Perry Moree identifies as “Caletto”

These drawings were possibly made by Joris Joostensz. Laerle on in the journal of the Gelderland on 7 and 11 February 1602. The text in the first panel says “This island is named Tappa and lay east of us. Drawn on 7 February by evening 1602.” and “Tappa”. The middle panel says: “This island named Bylattha [Obilatu] drawn on the 7th of February 1602.” and “Bylattha”. The bottom two panels’ texts say: “This island is named Shaelettha and I drew it on the 11th February 1602.”, “Shalettha” and “northeast by east”.

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Sources and literature

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