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Coastline profiles of Makian


Coastline profiles of Makian

Laerle, Joris Joostensz.

After winning a naval engagement against the Portuguese at Bantam in early January, the Moluccan fleet of the Fifth Expedition continued to their actual destination: the Moluccan islands of Banda and Ternate. The Gelderland, Wachter and Duyfken sailed to Ternate, arriving there at 17 February 1602. On the way to Ternate the expedition passed a number of islands. Near Ternate, the ships encountered the island of Moti, Makian and Tidore, as well as another island that was named Tseda, which cannot be readily identified based on the journal of the Gelderland or the drawings in it.

Joris Joostensz. Laerle, artist on board of the Gelderland is seen as the most likely author of these coastline profiles of Tseda, Moti, Makian and Tidore in the journal of the Gelderland. The texts on the top panel say “after Tseda, north-northeast” and “Tidore, northeast by north”. The texts on the middle panel say “northeast” and “Makian north and east”. The text on the bottom panels say “After Tseda, northeast by east” “Moti” and “Tidore northeast by east”.

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Sources and literature

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