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The expedition of Joris van Spilbergen at São Vicente


The expedition of Joris van Spilbergen at São Vicente

From 18 January to 4 February 1615 the expedition under Joris van Spilbergen stayed at the bay of São Vicente with the intent to secure fresh food supplies for the ships. The local governor forbade the trade, but a number of Portuguese still offered their products to the Dutch secretly. Van Spilbergen, however, believed that the Portuguese were merely trying to keep them there and were stalling the Dutch expedition. The Dutch attacked a Portuguese vessel and took prisoners. Van Spilbergen tried to exchange the prisoners and goods for Dutch prisoners held by the Portuguese, but with no success. Eventually Van Spilbergen let his prisoners go.

The letters on the image depict the following: A. Six boats of the Dutch, which they used to set the crew on shore. B. Are Dutch soldiers arrayed in battle order to secure the attempts to acquire supplies. C. is a church and sugar house which the Dutch burnt down. D. Is one of the Dutch ships, keeping watch. E. Are some of the Portuguese and locals who appeared on the beach. F. Is the city of Saint Vincent. G. Is the city of Sanctus. H. Is the castle that lies land inward on the river. I. Are four Dutch boats that rowed up the river to find supplies. K. Is one of the Dutch ships that is keeping watch so that the boats can return. L. Are a lot of Portuguese and locals that appeared on the beach. M. Is a small Portuguese ship that the Dutch captured. N. Is a skirmish in which 4 men were killed. O. Is the Dutch expedition’s fleet. P. Is the small Portuguese ship, which is being burnt. Q. shows how the Brazilian men and women dress. R. Show how some people there sleep in hammocks attached to trees.

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