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Van Spilbergen at La Mocha


Van Spilbergen at La Mocha

The expedition of Joris Spilbergen completed the passage through the Strait of Magellan in early May 1615. Afterwards, the five remaining ships continued north along the Chilean coast. On 25 May they reached the island La Mocha. The Dutch established friendly relations with the people of the island, who were enemies of the Spanish, and acquired a lot of livestock by bartering. The expedition’s soldiers went on shore and showed their battle order. On the 28th of May the expedition left the island.

The image shows the events of 25th to 28th May 1615. A. Are the boats with which the Dutch went to the shore to trade. B. Shows how the Dutch bartered with the people of La Mocha. They traded axes and knives for sheep, chickens and fruits. C. Depicts how the people of Mocha sit with crossed legs. D. Are Dutch musicians, including a trumpeter, making music on the beach. E. Are the people of Mocha, who were very entertained by the ‘concert’. F. Are the huts of the people of Mocha, which the crew were not allowed to enter. G. Is how the people of Mocha brought their “sheep” (which look like llamas) to trade. H. Was the yaght of the Dutch, keeping guard in front of the island. I. Are the four other ships, from which the boats go back and forth to the beach. K. is how the people of Mocha dressed. K. Depicts the “sheep” of the island, which are described as having a hump like a camel. This likely depicts a llama.

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