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The expedition of Van Spilbergen at Concepción


The expedition of Van Spilbergen at Concepción

On 1 June 1615 the expedition of Joris van Spilbergen continued from Santa Maria island to the nearby bay of Concepción. The Dutch ships entered the bay and burned down houses on the island Quiriquina in the bay. The expedition did not stay there long. A. Is the bay of Concepción, which according to Van Spilbergen’s journal lies at 36 degrees and 40 minutes below the equator. He was about 30 minutes off. B. Is Quiriquina, where the expedition set its straw houses on fire. C. Is the town of Conception, one of the main strongholds of the Spanish in Chile and where there were many Spaniards. D. Is the Dutch fleet. E. Are wild horses, which were abundant there. F. Is the clothing style of the indigenous people of Concepción.

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