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Skirmishes with the Spanish at Valparaíso


Skirmishes with the Spanish at Valparaíso

After Concepción, Joris van Spilbergen continued to sail further north along the Chilean coast. He reached the port of Valparaíso, near Santiago, on…. There was not much loot to be had. Only one small vessel seemed possible to take, but it sailed away and was set on fire by its crew before the Dutch could take it. The expedition put men on the shore to capture the boat, but the Spanish garrison fired on them. The Dutch soldiers pressed on, but could not salvage the wreck. Van Spilbergen, his viceadmiral Thovelingh and 200 men went to the shore, where the Spanish soldiers had set some houses on fire and waited uphill for the Dutch in battle order. In the end, Van Spilbergen decided to retreat and sail away from Valparaíso.

This engraving depicts the event at Valparaíso according to the journal of Joris van Spilbergen. A. Is the harbor of Valparaíso. B. Are the Dutch soldiers that went to the shore. They are arrayed in battle order and ready to fight the Spanish soldiers. C. Is a Spanish ships that was set on fire and burnt between the cliffs. D. Is the Dutch fleet, which sometimes fired on the Spanish. E. Are Spanish horsemen armed with lances. F. Are Dutch musketeers who skirmished with the Spanish soldiers. G. Are the houses near Valparaíso that were set on fire. H. Is the place where the Dutch boats went back and forth. I. is a depiction of the local people of Valparaíso.

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