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Van Spilbergen collects supplies at Quintero


Van Spilbergen collects supplies at Quintero

The expedition of Joris van Spilbergen reached the bay of Quintero on 13 June 1615. The place proved very suitable for collecting fresh drinking water. Under protection of soldiers, the sailors collected water in the area. Though some enemy soldiers appeared on land, they were not able to inflict casualties on the expedition. After several days, having collected enough water, Van Spilbergen continued further north.

On this engraving we see Quintero and the events of 13th to 17th June. A. Is the bay of Quintero. The text says Quintero lies at 18 degrees below the equator, but this is a mistake. It lies at about 32 degrees and 76 minutes B. shows the crescent-shaped barricade made by the Dutch on the beach to protect the sailors who went to collect water. They named it Crevecour, after a fortification in Brabant. C. Is the Dutch fleet anchored in the bay. D. Are Dutch soldiers seeking to lure the Spanish into an attack. E. Are Spanish horsemen who attacked the Dutch every day. F. shows the expedition’s soldiers that were protecting the men collecting water on the western shore of the river. G. The Dutch boats bringing people to and from the shore. H. depicts wild horses. I. is the manner of dress of the indigenous people of Quintero.

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