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The events at Callao, near Lima


The events at Callao, near Lima

The fleet of Joris van Spilbergen won a decisive victory over a Spanish fleet on 17th to 18th July 1615. After their victory, the Dutch ships – all of which survived the battle – continued along the Chilean coast in pursuit of possibilities to capture Spanish ships with valuable cargo. The next Spanish stronghold they approached was the port of Lima, Callao. The Spanish were expecting the Dutch ships. The expedition approached Callao on the 21st of July, but were met with very heavy cannon fire, which heavily damaged the Hunter. The harbor was moreover heavily defended by Spanish troops, so an assault was out of the question. Van Spilbergen tried for some days to capture incoming ships bound for Callao, but only succeeded in capturing a small vessel with little of value. On the 26th the expedition continued northwards.

The image shows the events at Callao. A. shows the battery of Spanish cannons at the shore. B. Is a “beautiful building’ in the town. C. Is a church, where the Spanish went for the sermon. D. shows two troops of horsemen with lances. E. shows two regiments of infantry positioned on each side of the battery. F. shows two troops of Spanish soldiers, both cavalry and infantry. G. is another group of Spanish who showed up on the beach on the other side of the river. H. is a large number of Spanish ships anchored in the harbor. I. Is the ships of admiral Joris van Spilbergen. K. is the Hunter which sailed back and forth near the ships. L. is the Aeolus which was hit by a heavy cannonball. M. is the Morning Star and N. is the Half-Moon.

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