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The fleet of Joris van Spilbergen at Manilla


The fleet of Joris van Spilbergen at Manilla

From 9 February to 10 March 1616 Joris van Spilbergen’s fleet was in the Philippines after crossing the Pacific Ocean from Mexico. After arriving at the island of Capul the fleet continued to Manila. He was informed that a large fleet waited for him at Manilla and sailed there. The information proved incorrect as the Spanish fleet had left Manila around the time that Spilbergen arrived in the Philippines. The winds prevented Van Spilbergen from attacking Manila. In March, Van Spilbergen heard that the Spanish fleet was headed for Ternate and decided to follow it there.

This image shows the events at the bay of Manila. A. is the Bay of Manila. B. is the harbor of Manila, where there were a lot of ships. C. is the city Manila. D. is a castle in the town Cavite, near Manila. E. is the island Maribella. F. is the Dutch fleet of six ships. It consisted of five Dutch ships and a captured Spanish vessel. G. are Dutch boats, with which they tried to capture prisoners. H. are local ships called ‘junks’. I. Are two Dutch ships which captured two sampans. K. is a Dutch boat that forced a local sampan to come to the fleet.

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