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Van Spilbergen's fleet at Huarme


Van Spilbergen's fleet at Huarme

After failing to achieve anything at Callao, near Lima, Joris van Spilbergen sailed on and then stayed at Huarme for several days in late July and early August 1615 to stock up on fresh food and drinking water. A Frenchman deserted here and Van Spilbergen could not retrieve him.

The image shows the events at Huarme as described in the published journal of Van Spilbergen’s expedition. A. is a ‘broken castle’ which the Dutch occupied. B. shows the crew collecting water. C. is the Hunter, which stayed close to the shore. D. is a captured Spanish ship. E. is the Dutch fleet, to which the boats rowed back and forth from the beach. F. Is a group of soldiers looking for provisions. G. is the village of Huarme, which the crew entered to find supplies. H. Are some Spanish horsemen, who fled. I. shows the expedition’s crew fishing in fresh water.

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