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Design for a coastal redoubt


Design for a coastal redoubt

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: Teekening van een vierkante Redout of Tooren, dienende ter versterking van de bayen als boven.

This sketch contains the plans for the fortification of Curaçao’s coastline. The depicted redoubt is a prototype which could be constructed at mutliple locations, although since the intial designs in 1742 it is now apparent these redoubts are specifically designed for the Piscedera, Sint Michiel, Porto Marie and Sanra Cruz Bays. A facade, three profiles and three floor plans are displayed. The design hardly differs from the one made two years earlier (VEL1461A and D). The main difference is a design of the gate at the bottom left.

Scale-bar of 40 Rhineland rods = 155 ‘strepen’.

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