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Design for the extension of Willemstad


Design for the extension of Willemstad

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: Plan ter bebouwing van den grond zoo voor het fortress en tusschen de Willemstad en de zeekant gelegen is, van de uiterste hoek van Schrikkenburg tot de zeekant.

This anonymous map, dated 1 April 1705 and oriented towards the south, reveals an otherwise unknown building plan for the terrain between the eastern wall of Fort Amsterdam with the bastions Schrikkenburg (A) and De Kat (B), the adjoining southern town wall (Q) and the seaside (P). To preserve the defensive power of the fort on the east side, the area of ground between the fort and the new buildings, which was actually too small, was to be planted with impenetrable thorn bushes (O).

North is lower left.

Scale-bar of 100 Amsterdam feet = [approximately 1 : 500].

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Sources and literature

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