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Project plan for the extension of Willemstad


Project plan for the extension of Willemstad

Hertell, Christiaan Frederik

Title Leupe: Plan van de Willemstad en het fort Amsterdam op het Eyland Curaçao, met de nieuwe geprojecteerde werken enz.

After reports about the state of the defences in Curaçao by the naval captain Cornelis Schrijver in 1737-1738, various plans were made in the Republic to extend the fortifications. This one is a plan for the further fortification of Willemstad. As well as strengthening the eastern side of the town by constructing a fore

or mantelet wall with big new bastions (N) and the enlargement of the existing ‘forts’ Schrikkenburg (Fright Fort, C, L) and Bloedfort (Blood Fort, B, K), Hertell suggested that the bulwark Halve Maan (Half Moon) on the southern side of Fort Amsterdam be radically enlarged (F, O) and a redoubt be constructed on the point (P). Also mentioned in the plan are the existing bastions Oranje (Orange, A), De Kat (The Cat, D), Vlaggestok (Flagstaff, E), the Nieuwe Batterij (New Battery, G), the Waterfort or Low Battery (Water Fort, H), and the bastion De Klok (The Clock, I, incorrectly indicated as Bloedfort). This version of the map is coloured in further than VEL1441A.

Scale-bars of 700 Rhineland feet = [approximately 1 : 1,350] / [profile] 50 Rhineland feet = [approximately 1 : 75].

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