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Project plan for the extension of Willemstad


Project plan for the extension of Willemstad

Schrijver, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Plan van de Willemstad en het fort Amsterdam op het Eyland Curaçao, met de nieuwe geprojecteerde werken enz., met voorgestelde veranderinge. On account of the reports about the state of the defences in Curaçao by the naval captain Cornelis Schrijver in 1737-1738, various plans were made in 1738 to extend the fortifications. This ground plan, which resembles the one by Hertell dating from 1739 (VEL1441A-B), shows the new town wall on an attached section of the map which is carried right through to the sea. Especially important here are the additions made by Schrijver, who presented a sub-section with an alternative to Hertell’s redoubt on the point. In its stead an indented, continuous rampart ending in a long mole is proposed. This last is in an attached enclosure and is elaborated in three profile plans. One interesting detail is the fire beacons which Schrijver considered necessary.

Scale-bar of 600 Curaçao feet. Where one Curaçao foot counts as eleven Rhineland inches = [approximately 1 : 1,350].

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