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Project plan for the extension of fort Amsterdam


Project plan for the extension of fort Amsterdam

Schrijver, Cornelis / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Plan van een gedeelte van de Willemstad, met de nieuwe projecten van den Heer Luit. Generaal Hertel en hoe verre daar aan gewerkt is..

For the two years after Director of Fortifications Hertell came up with his plan for the defence of Willemstad in 1742 (see VEL1444), the work on it continued, particularly on the enlargement of the old Bloedfort bastion in the town walls on the Waaigat. Its new foundations were laid in 1744 and this required the filling in of a piece of land against the former bastion. This was as far as it went, however, because in the following year a new plan for the fortification and expansion of Willemstad was drawn up by Director Faesch and a prominent resident, Willem Meijer, a major in the civil militia. This plan required that the wall be taken much farther to the east. In 1750 a new attempt was made to complete the extension, as is proven by this map. Here it is indicated that all foundations are already put in place and filled with earth. The walls of the bastion, however, are merely projected.

North is up.

Scale-bar of 30 Rhineland Rods = 117 ‘strepen’.

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