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Plan for a gunpowder magazine at Willemstad


Plan for a gunpowder magazine at Willemstad

Schrijver, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Plannen voor een kruidmagazijn, ook geschikt om daarbij te kunnen bergen provisien voor de besetting en de stad enz.

This plan for a gunpowder magazine consists out of a floor plan and profile. The magazine was to be constructed on the south side of fort Amsterdam in Willemstad. The projected extent of the magazine is meant to accommodate both gunpowder and other wares from larger merchant ships. Wells are designed to ensure the magazine can withstand a siege and several measurements are taken to avoid explosions due to lighting, fire or bombs. For instance, special blinds and thick walls are employed. The map was signed on 15 December 1738 and copied on 13 January 1739 (on the map this is wrongly written as 14 January 1738) with minor improvements.

VEL1477A-D are all versions of the same plan, made on different dates and with minor differences.

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