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Plan for a gunpowder magazine at Willemstad


Plan for a gunpowder magazine at Willemstad

Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Project van een kruidmagazijn a le'preuve du bombe enz.

The gunpowder magazine designed in 1738 for fort Amsterdam (see VEL1477A-D), once built, turned out to be so warm and humid that the powder itself was spoiled. Hence, a new depot needed to be designed with better ventilation. The design shown here attempt to increase airflow by putting the blinds accross each other without walls between them. In addition, the walls are made thinner than those of the previous depot. To still protect the depot an exterior circle wall is projected around the depot. This folded version of the map puts emphasis on this circle war and uses a profile and ground plan to demonstrate enough space exists between the depot and the exterior wall to create air flow without exposing the depot to enemy fire. The index at the centre of the map explains the sections of the depot.

Scale-bar of 40 Rhineland feet = 190 ‘strepen’.

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