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Drawing of a water basin of Fort Amsterdam


Drawing of a water basin of Fort Amsterdam

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: "Afteekening van een verwulfde waterbak geprojecteert te maken tegens de courtine tusschen de bastionsvlaggestok en de katte aan het fort Amsterdam à Curaçao."

This design of a water basin at the curtain wall between the bastions Vlaggestok and De Kat, was made during the second prosperous era of Curaçao which coalesced with the large European wars which occurred in the area in the mid-eighteenth century. Ten years earlier, the director Jacob Pietersz Tolck (1639-1642) had the southmost bastion demolished to build this curtain wall. These profiles suggest that the curtain wall was nearly complete by 1751.

Taken from the report of Sir General Burmania from 14 November 1751.

Scale-bar 1 : 84 or 7 Rhineland feet on 1 duim.

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