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Map of Curaçao and Willemstad


Map of Curaçao and Willemstad

Keulen, Gerard Hulst van

Title Leupe: Nieuw afteekening van het Eyland Curaçao, vertoondende alle desselfs geleegentheeden, mitsgaders de haven en 't fort Amsterdam enz.

This 1715 map of Curaçao by Gerard van Keulen is based on the example by Jacob Robijn in his edition of Het Brandende Veen of 1680. Van Keulen copied the general circumference of the island as well as the inset map and the phantasy illustration of Fort Amsterdam from Robijn, even though he reduced the bays to more realistic proportions. The reproduction of Willemstad on the inset map has been updated from Robijn's, as the small inner harbour on the side of the Waaigat has now been filled in to prepare for the expansion of building in the town.

Also see VEL590 B and C, different versions of the same map.

North is upper left.

Scale-bar of 3 German Mile = [approximately 1 : 106,000].

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Sources and literature

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