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Map of the Piscadera Bay


Map of the Piscadera Bay

Schrijver, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Plan van de Piscadores Bay.

In this map of Piscadera Bay, naval Captain Cornelis Schrijver explicitly mentions a planned new stronghold in the form of an ‘octagonal Tower’, with emplacements for sixteen cannon. He elaborates the plans in his 1737 report to which this map was attached. While awaiting the delivery of more ordnance, this would have to be provisionally armed with four twelve-pounders. As in the case of Sint Michiel Bay, no clue can be found on this map of the battery constructed here after 1701 by Director Van Beek, and repaired and extended in 1714 by Van Collen. The location which was eventually chosen for a new fortification in 1740 was slightly to the south of the place where Cornelis Schrijver had wanted his ‘Tower’; on the southernmost headland of the bay.

North is lower left.

Scale-bar of 400 Tree of which 40 makes 90 feet = [approximately 1 : 2,320].

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