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Map of the Piscadera Bay


Map of the Piscadera Bay

Schrijver, Carel Gustaaf / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Plan van de Piscadores Bay, met eenige veranderingen.

This map of Piscedera Bay was most likely made by or copied after Carel Gustaaf Schrijver and Godfried Carel Esdré. It was attached to a resolution of the States-General from 9 October 1743. In line with the resolution of the States-General, the stronghold of Piscedera is redesigned into a stronger redoubt which resembles the one the members of the States-General desired for Sint Kruis Bay, Porto Marie, Sint Michiel Bay and Bulle Bay. In addition, another redoubts is drawn northeast (above on the map) the current defences. Soundings are mentioned and nearby relief as well as the bay are described in annotations.

Taken from: resol van HHM van 9 oct 1743.

North is upper left.

Scale-bar of 40 Rhineland Rods = 85 ‘strepen’.

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