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Map of the Piscadera Bay


Map of the Piscadera Bay

Serz, Christoph Gottlieb Friedrich

Title Leupe: De Piscadoris Baay, opgenomen door C.G.F. Serz.

This map shows the location which was eventually chosen for a new fortification at the Piscedera Bay in 1740. The 1740 stronghold suffered from the same disadvantages as the planned fortification on Sint Michiel Bay, namely that the landing place on the beach or on the reefwas out of the range of the guns, but enemy ships could fire on the battery. To obviate this problem, the engineers Schrijver and Esdré (VEL606) planned a second small fort or redoubt closer to the landing place. Christoph Serz’s 1776 site map gives no indication at all of the second small fort. On it his reproduction of the existing battery is almost the same as that on Geerts’ map (VEL607), which likely means this battery was judged sufficient for the defence of the bay.

North is lower left.

Scale-bar of 60 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 1,410].

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