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Map of Porto Marie


Map of Porto Marie

Schrijver, Cornelis

Title Leupe: Plan van Porto Maria, gepeyld den 9 juli 1737.

This 1737 plan by naval Captain Cornelis Schrijver for Porto Marie projects a 'Tower' (A), that is, a tower fort, at a central position along the shore of the bay. This would ensure both landingspots there would be covered within the range of fire. The trail to the plantation Lesire at the Valentijns Bay is mentioned specifically and was thus considered of defensive importance. Soundings are indicated in the bay.

Also see the other copy VEL622A.

North is left.

Scale-bar of 700 ‘Treeden’ there of about 40 ‘Treeden’ are equal to 90 feet = [approximately 1 : 4,580].

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